If you spend your whole life trying to impress others you lose the most important thing – yourself

Transparency and AuthenticityThere is always a point in your life where you get to decide whether you want to look good and put on a front for the world or be transparent and authentic. One of my mentors, Margaret Lynch, was such an inspiration to me by being willing to stand in front of her “tribe” and be transparent about her process: her strengths, her weaknesses, her trials, and her successes. In doing that, she inspired hope and growth in her students. Her brilliance is the reason I am taking this step to share my own process with you so that you can gain hope and wisdom from my growth. To sit there and be open and upfront with your own humanness is a huge act of courage in a world where everyone is trying to look good.

I was creating my personal mission statement. “From my spiritual core (love, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, etc.) I create security and freedom having fun, joyously contributing by helping others experience peace in their lives.” So, what exactly is that peace? That peace could be finding meaning beyond our full busy lives. It could be through mastering emotions, balancing the body chemistry, or finding our spiritual core and connection to the divine. We are all such special and unique individuals. What we need is what WE NEED!

Unfortunately, the world is not going to slow down; change is not going away. I believe that we as a society are starting to feel the need to connect to something that is REAL. We are losing ourselves in the busyness of our lives.

What I love is seeing the relief people feel when they find out they are not the only one struggling or experiencing challenges in a certain area of their lives. As we find answers and share them with each other, we can move to higher ground together.


Author: Debra Kahnen, RN, ND, is the CEO of Life Mastery LLC. With over three decades of healthcare experience—as both a nursing leader in the largest not-for-profit health system in Texas and as a naturopath focusing on wellness—her view is radically different. Debra is a renowned expert in stress management and wellness. She helps people improve their health and emotional well-being to allow for more peace, joy, and personal satisfaction. Get a free special short video eCourse, "Take back control of your life NOW!, so you can experience more balance and ease in your life.

Article Photo: courtesy of Stuart Miles / Free Digital Photos

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