In the corporate world, do you ever feel like you have to “Watch your back?”

In the corporate world, do you ever feel like you have to “Watch your back”No one wants to hear those dreaded words, “We have to let you go” or maybe, “We are going to put you in the re-alignment pool.” Psycho-immunologist and stress expert Dr. Nick Hall states that resilient people know that life has ups and downs and can maintain the attitude, “I will get through this too.” I have seen the same optimistic attitude in patients who are able to beat cancer.  

I remember when I was young in my leadership career, and I had a young nurse who was an LVN and had two small children. Her husband was not working since he had recently had a transplant and was getting his medical care on her insurance. When the hospital decided they would no longer employ LVNs, my heart really went out for this young nurse and her situation. I tried reaching out to Human Resources and my senior leadership to see if there was anything that could be done to help her. It was one of many times where I learned that the corporation is a machine without a heart. Sometimes it really is not personal, but a decision that has to be made in order for the corporation to fulfill its mission, retain its competitive edge, and survive.

Now my young nurse obviously had some stressful and challenging times that forced her to grow and set new goals for herself. She was able to find a job in a less stressful environment and continue her education to become a Registered Nurse. This has created an even more secure future for her and her family. This experience taught me how life has a way of working out.  

So, spending a lot of time watching your back and worrying about whether you are going to have your job 1 year or 10 years from now is an unnecessary waste of energy, and creates physical and emotional stress you do not need. Instead, work to develop an optimistic mindset and see for yourself that when life deals you challenges that “this too shall pass.” Wake up every day to do the best job you can and know you can deal with whatever comes up.

If you can do this, you may find you can enjoy the present moment and rediscover the beauty in the life that surrounds you. One of my dearest friends had a framed quote in her kitchen for many years. It said, “Years may wrinkle the skin, but giving up wonder wrinkles the soul.” To live a life of wonder you need to be in the present moment and not let the inherent challenges of life rob you of your joy.   



Author: Debra Kahnen, RN, ND, is the CEO of Life Mastery LLC. With over three decades of healthcare experience—as both a nursing leader in the largest not-for-profit health system in Texas and as a naturopath focusing on wellness—her view is radically different. Debra is a renowned expert in stress management and wellness. She helps people improve their health and emotional well-being to allow for more peace, joy, and personal satisfaction. Get a free special short video eCourse, Take back control of your life NOW!, so you can experience more balance and ease in your life.

Article Photo: courtesy of Stuart Miles / Free Digital Photos


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