Are you exhausted, stressed, frustrated
or overwhelmed?

Are you exhausted, stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed - 1

  • Do you ever feel like sometimes you are in a pressure cooker – life is pushing in at you from all directions and your racing just to stay one step ahead of your game?
  • Does life sometimes seem impossible or like everything needs to be done NOW?
  • Are there times you wish you could just stay under the covers?  
  • Do you feel sometimes life is running you and you can’t think and be as creative as you know you are capable of?

You are not alone.  Even very strong people can have those points in life. In fact, at one point I was so stressed and overwhelmed life did not even make sense.  Now I look forward to my day. I found tools that restored my sense of well-being and put me back in the driver’s seat of my life.  After sharing them with many others and having them feel more balanced, supported and empowered, I realized there were a lot more people I could help.  Now I want to share those tools with you.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for you to wake up and feel in the flow
or the zone?

As you go through this course, you will recover your life force and find:Wouldn’t it be wonderful for you to wake up and feel in the flow or the zone -2

  • You can more easily flow at work and in your relationships.
  • You will get more accomplished in less time.
  • Your thoughts become clear, focused and creative.
  • Your energy and passion will come back.

You will discover how to access and operate from your “sweet spot.”  

To help you understand this further.  Think of a time when you felt like you were on top of your game, completely in the flow……you were creative, solutions came easily, you were on a winning streak, and life was fun.  Do you have that? I like to call that the sweet spot.  It is that place where you have mental clarity, you have optimal energy and your body is being able to heal and rejuvenate on a regular basis.  You can even put yourself in this state, sitting in a board room surrounded by colleagues, with no one aware of what you are doing.  In this program there is a section with techniques that not only show you how to get to that sweet spot but how to live there more of the time.  No one can stay there 100% of the time but it can be mastered like any other skill with the correct tools and coaching.  Just think, would your own life be different if you could be there in that sweet spot even 20% more of the time?  

Why is it important to have the skill to neutralize stress?

You see stress throws us right out of our sweet spot.  It impairs our ability to be decisive and have mental clarity because the peripheral vision comes in to focus at task at hand – survival.  OK for real emergencies.  But continually feeling threatened with things such as worrying about deadlines, bills, meeting payroll, losing your job, relationship problems, and your children surviving….. This type of chronic stress is incompatible with the amount of creative thinking and innovation needed to face the challenges of daily life and get ahead in this complex world.  We want to live in that sweet spot whether at work, with friends, on a date, at home with the spouse and kids, or in an emergency, so we can be more productive, successful and have better quality relationships.  This does not mean you have to be in a meditative state all the time. It means our nervous system is balanced and we have access to a part of the brain where you are creative, solutions come easily, and life is fun.

In this program you will learn tools you can pull out and use just like a first aid kit that will allow you remain optimistic, positive and resilient despite life’s challenges and over time they will become second nature and automatic.  

In this fast paced world we get hit with so many things we have to manage and deal with, we have to be really present and on top of our game.  Problems are only big until you become bigger or smarter!  Learning to optimize your body and mind well help you do that.  It will give you access to what you need….when you need it.  Mastering the tools will feel as if your life force tripled. You will feel empowered, in control, calm, and feel strong even in the eye of the storm. If something comes up you can quickly separate from the emotions and think clear.  Things won’t bug you as much as they use to, even those people that know how to push your buttons.  If you’re a professional you know mastery does not come in 5 weeks, but you also know when you find something that works how to apply yourself to it.  

Module 1: Learn the one thing most successful people do. 

Module 1- Learn the one thing most successful people do

  • Learn how to establish a daily practice that that sets the tone and intention for your day.
  • Find your own sweet spot so you can be more effective in your life.
  • Turn on your creativity and problem solving abilities.
  • Enhance your intuition.

Module 2: Learn to maintain a balanced mental and emotional state that keeps you calm, centered and in the flow.

Module 2- Learn to maintain a balanced mental and emotional state that keeps you calm, centered and in the flow

  • Enjoy living in the present moment
  • Improve mental and physical health
  • Improve concentration, effectiveness and productivity
  • Improve performance
  • Deepen spiritual connection

Module 3: Learn to neutralize the stress in the body and recover your life force.

Module 3- Learn to neutralize the stress in the body and recover your life force

  • Improve concentration and memory
  • Enhance problem solving ability
  • Have more energy
  • Reduce pain and tension, stress and anxiety
  • Strengthen the immune system

Module 4: Learn to pivot from a negative place to a positive place.

Module 4- Learn to pivot from a negative place to a positive place

  • Develop a more optimistic mindset
  • Cope better with stress
  • Become more resilient and overcome adversity or challenges easier
  • Improve your immunity
  • Promote faster healing and recovery time
  • Greater emotional wellbeing

Module 5: Establish habits and systems that make your life easier

Module 5-Establish habits and systems that make your life easier

  • Discover how to avoid procrastination
  • Manage time more effectively
  • Focus on the most important things
  • Feel more in control and centered
  • Get more accomplished in less time


It is time to take back your LIFE FORCE and be as creative and empowered as you are capable of. Work can be done privately or as part of a group.  For information call 214-733-8351 or e-mail


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