Hi. I am Debra Kahnen.  

I help people that are struggling with stress, overwhelm and fatigue bring balance into their life and restore their energy and passion.  

Do you ever feel like you’re buried under the pressure of all the things you need to do?  It may seem impossible or like everything needs to be done NOW!  I’m certain there are those days when you even want to stay under the covers.  

Did you know stress happens to even strong people?

Maybe you’re juggling family, career, community, and feeling guilty for not being able to do it all – at least not to a standard you are holding yourself to.  Do you yearn for down time?  Unfortunately change is not going away; life is not going to slow down.  The truth is we need new and effective tools to navigate this world.

Stress literally highjacks your brain and your performance suffers.  

When this happens it makes it hard to think clearly, your mood changes and you may become short tempered, little problems seem much bigger and you feel less equipped to deal with them.  To make matters worse your work performance suffers and it can affect you financially.  You may become cynical and damage your relationships which may lead to depression and feeling of overwhelm and helplessness.

You really have three choices

  1. You can move to deserted island
  2. Let stress build up in the body and mind until something gives either in your health, relationships or career, or 
  3. Realize you have to have a way to deal with stress that is overwhelming. 

The problem is that if you have been feeling that stress for a while you are already cynical.  You will find yourself even cynical about things that could help you.  You need something that is NO B.S. that can give you real results.  

You may not even see what chronic stress is doing to your health.

Over time you start seeing the surface symptoms of something going on at a deeper level: Things like heartburn, irritable bowel, headaches, pain, increase in the number of colds and flus, digestive distress, weight challenges and especially fatigue.  Just because it is common that so many people manage their life with pills does not mean it is normal.  You don’t want to put off doing something until one day you get hit with a diagnosis.  Believe me…..that wakeup call forces you to change your priorities.  

Not only do you need a strategy or plan to deal with the stress and overwhelm itself, but you need a way to manage your own emotions and expectations.  

This is what I help people do….it is kind of like finding that sweet spot. In regards to our health and well-being that sweet spot would be the mental emotional or physical state where you have mental clarity, optimal energy, and are allowing your body to heal and rejuvenate on a regular basis – and that cannot happen when you are under chronic stress or in a state of overwhelm.  

Just take a moment and envision what your life would be like with mental clarity and optimal energy, and knowing your body was being able to heal and rejuvenate on a regular basis.  

Going one step further, wellness actually includes self-actualization.  Inside of us there are two forces:  One that chooses security and safety above all else out of fear, and one that yearns to be fulfilled by expressing itself in some unique way that makes a difference.  

I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs who feel like balancing all the demands of life is starting to wear them down……. but at some level they know you can get back on top of their game.

Using my thirty years nursing and natural healing experience I research best practices and the latest proven techniques, I analyze which are the best and most effective techniques so you don’t have to. I understand that you don’t have time and you need something that works and feels easy.  Our goal is not only to help you have a healthy lifestyle but to help you create a feeling of peace, balance strength and ease, even when you are in busy and chaotic world. Not all of us can move to log cabin in the woods and shut off the phone.  Another answer is where we come in. We give you tools to increase your resilience and ability to flow with life.   

Even though life will still busy and demanding until you can really eliminate some of your demands, it is possible to feel as if some of them are gone — in your mind and in your body.

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